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The Art Estate has been serving artists, and creatives since 2000. Having been a multi-media production company we have merged our love for the arts, artists, and designers with our love for traveling to creative places around the world. Artists have moved to online platforms so we felt it was time to combine art forms and feature not only the artist, but creative spaces, galleries, home studios and artistic resorts from around the world. Life is a work of art! 


Our team has been creating together now for over twenty years led by founder Carol Frazier, a recording artist, author, fine artist, media expert for over 15 years. 

Positioned all over the US, we also serve clients in Europe, Canada, Mexico and South America. We are here to inspire you to create and flourish by surrounding yourself with art, music and design. 

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The Art Estate offers media services designed to feature artists, studios, creative spaces and travel. Copywriting, PR, Videography, Photography, and Media Creation are a few ways we are able to highlight creatives, travel and leisure around the world. 

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Carol Frazier 

Carol Frazier is a Recording Artist, Fine Artist, Designer and Author. Frazier founded The Art Estate ( ArtEstate, LTD ) in 2000. Having come from a family of creative muses, artists, authors and musicians, Carol's passions lie in combining art forms and supporting the arts. You can find Carol singing, traveling, writing and spending time with her creative family. 

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Timothy Ramirez

Ramirez has spent over forty years as an Executive Chef, Corporate Chef and Food and Beverage Consultant with Timothy Ramirez International. His clients include Marriott International, The Queen Mary, Lowes Resorts, Stonepine Estate among many more. Having been the talent for his TV Culinary show out of Phoenix, AZ, Ramirez is now a screenwriter, producer and director for The Art Estate Media, and is focusing his talents on copywriting for The Art Estate and our clientele. 

Jordan Christopher

Jordan Christopher is a multi-faceted talent that serves The Art Estate with web design, graphics, photography, video editing and so much more! We could not create and manage without him! With his Bachelor's of Fine Arts, Jordan, his wife and his growing family love traveling, and hiking with their dog.

Kaylyn Shelby 

Kaylyn Shelby is our resident artist, graphic designer and cultural scout! Kaylyn is the sister of Carol Frazier and the two of them have been creating, traveling and supporting the arts together for years! Kaylyn is the mother of three amazing young adults and is an accomplished fine artist.

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Rachel Mains 

Rachel Mains is our Media Specialist serving clients in growing their online presence with video, TV shows and podcasts. Rachel is the owner of E3 Communications and the host to Corner Cafe Radio and TV Show. 

We are very blessed to have such a media powerhouse on our team! Learn more about Rachel here: 



The Art Estate is a full service management and consultation firm for creative & performing artists as well as destination and leisure locations that inspire creative living.  

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