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The Art Estate has been home to several divisions of creative services for creative entrepreneurs and creative travel destinations for over thirty years. More than ever, leisure travel locations are putting value on creating artistic events, spaces and collaborating with artists and musicians to create an immersive experience for travelers.

One of our favorite places to travel to is Stonepine Estate in Carmel Valley, CA. This private resort is available to single parties to lease the whole 400 plus acre estate. Hidden in Carmel Valley, it is an iconic gem that few travelers know about. Throughout the estate you will find collector art and estate grounds that will not only inspire you to creativity, it will inspire you spiritually as the Estate is also home to Stonepine Chapel. A perfect place for a spiritual or creative retreat!

One of our favorite events that we were blessed to manage was with celebrity artist, Simon Bull of Carmel by the Sea. This collaboration brought many visitors to Stonepine Estate for a artsy evening of wine tasting, art viewing and meeting with Simon Bull and his lovely wife, Joanna. Of course a favorite wedding destination, Stonepine Estate has also hosted many film companies, and you have most likely seen it in one of your favorite movies.

Stonepine is a gem location for travelers looking for a unique and private vacation or event. To learn more about how your leisure destination can collaborate with the arts, reach out to Carol at

To learn more about Stonepine Estate click here:

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